You believe the property you have now has more potential?

We have a wonderful solution for you, both if you are the owner or the buyer and regardless if you are selling, buying or renting! We offer a variety of services from minor refreshment touches to major construction changes to increase the value of your property or make it more comfortable to work or live in.

Our staff has over 20 year long experience in this field, in Cyprus and many European countries and we guarantee to deliver to you a space ready to move in, in a short period of time and within your budget. You give us the assignment, we give you the key. You don’t have to do anything but enjoy doing what you love most, away of the hustle and burden of any construction work.


Minor to major changes in facilities.

Minor to major modifications.

Relocations or removals of partitions, doors, and windows.

Changes in type of finishes and materials, suitable for the use of the space.

Removal or installation of hardware and equipment.

Minor to major construction changes (only if needed).

Restorations, upgrades, or improvements of the condition of facilities.

Complete reuse of a space.

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